Why do we use the water fed pole system

The water fed pole system often allows window cleaners to access windows that were previously inaccessible by ladder.  For example Velux windows and roof lights. Unlike most traditional window cleaning, skilled users of this system usually clean not just the windows but the frames as well. resulting in a better, overall finish.  

The pole systems been around for some time now and this is the way you may see window cleaners doing their job.  This is because with the ever-expanding world of Health and Safety in the work place, window cleaning in Scarborough with this technique is a safest way to work. 

I.C Britedrives Window Cleaning in Scarborough

With these systems being able to reach a whopping 40 foot from the ground this can pretty much get to anything in and around your property.

The system is purified so it is 100% free from impurities like phosphates, calcium, potassium, chloride sodium and nitrates.  You may ask yourself why switch to this method. When the traditional way worked fine for me?  Well that’s simple pure water gives longer lasting results.  It leaves the window completely streak and residue free, and we don’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents.  This also means that our water is safe to the environment, your property and garden.

The beauty of the this system is that it doesn’t limit window cleaners to just cleaning windows. It can be used to clean virtually anything. Conservatory roofs, fascias, soffits and solar panels to commercial signage and cladding.  Most importantly it also maintains privacy for a customer too, no more of that window cleaner early in the morning looking into your bedroom etc.

Please contact us and we will arrange to give you a free quotation for your pressure washing requirements.  For more information about pressure washing please click here for a more in depth explanation.