Driveway cleaning Services

  • Block paving cleaning with free kiln dry sand.
  • Decking Cleaning.
  • Driveway cleaning Services.
  • Caravan full exterior cleaning.
  • Graffiti removal.
  • Chewing gum removal.
  • Soffits & Fascia’s cleaning.
  • Resealing concrete printed drives.
  • Resealing block paved drives.
  • Roof washed and treated for moss.
  • Commercial bin cleaning.
  • Pigeon and bird dropping removal.

Window Cleaning in Scarborough

We offer 2 kind of Window Cleaning in Scarborough 

A water fed pole systems can reach higher than 40ft. It has a brush on the end and pure water is pumped up through the brush and on to your windows. After cleaning your windows will be streak and film free.

Here are a few advantages of pure water window cleaning

  1. No ladders are required so its safer for the window cleaner

  2. This system incorporates high reach poles, so tall properties can be cleaned easier.

  3. It also means it is safer for the window cleaner

Traditional window cleaning in Scarborough is a method used where soapy water is applied to a microfibre cloth on a T-bar which is designed to remove the dirt.  Once the window is cleaned a squeegee is used to remove the soapy water.  Windows are then finished with a shammy.


Gutter Cleaning in Scarborough

The advantages of using SkyVac
  1. Sky Vac is low cost, the job is done quickly which in turn means cost affective.

  2. The time in which the job is completed is less than having to use ladders

  3. It is so much safer,  no ladders means that there are less possibilities of accidents, so its safer for the operator.

  4. With an on board camera also means you the customer can view before and after photos or video.

  5. SkyVac can reach so many awkward areas of your gutters where as, if you are using ladders we may not be able to access.

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