Reasons For Pressure Washing

Pressure washing steps with algae and moss

The Way Your Home Looks

It is well known that a house with a clean exterior will add appeal to it.  People passing by will admire and may even comment on the property.  Pressure washing your driveway, decking, patio and even your conservatory if you have one, can prolong its life time.  In a lot of cases, not all, home owners, let the dirt grime, algae and other such problems get out of control.  Sometimes to the point where it can cause health or hazardous issues to you the owner, family members, friends or visitors.

Why You Should Pressure Wash

Pressure Washing Algae on deckingThe reason most people pressure wash their homes is to make it look good.  They don’t like the look of the concrete or, the decking is looking different from when they first had it laid.  Another very good reason to pressure wash is when the driveway, decking, paths and other concrete areas become wet, they then become a slip hazard.  If there is algae, moss, mould and dirt present then you are inviting an incident.  Then you should seek out a professional Pressure Washing Company who have all the equipment to deal with this problem.

Using A Professional

Using a professional pressure washing company can prevent this.  They would have all the right equipment to take on this kind of work.  Their high-pressure lances and a flat surface high pressure rotary cleaner can eradicate the problems.  Pressure washing your home or property’s exterior on a regular basis will save you unwanted maintenance and expense if anything untoward was to happen.

Pressure Washing Moss on a roofYou would not be surprised to find algae, moss, lichens and liverworts growing on hard surfaces.  It is assumed that they damage property, this is not the case.  Algae, Moss, Lichen and liverworts are encouraged to grow in a lot of gardens.  Mostly on sculptures and ornaments as this gives the garden a look of maturity and appeals to a lot of home owners.  However, they will cause surfaces like drives, decking, paths and patios to become slippery and create a slip and fall hazard.

Pressure washing is an ideal treatment, the pressure of the water output can be adjusted to suit the surfaces it is used on.  This clears the effected areas whilst ensuring the areas being treated are not damaged.

Drives and Paths:  For printed concrete drives it is advised after being pressure washed the driveway is re sealed
Block Paving:  after being cleaned re sanding is advised and this usually comes as part of the treatment.
Decking and fences:  After being pressure washed it is also advised that they are given a wood treatment to protect them from inclement weather.
Roofs:  A roof is a common place for moss to grow, for this a soft power wash is advised.  A chemical treatment can be applied to assist and prevent.  Prior to this treatment the operators should discuss this method with the owner prior to commencing.  This should only be used upon approval.

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