Introducing ICBritedrives

ICBritedrives Pressure Washing Fire Escape

Introducing ICBritedrives

We are Ian and Chris, welcome are a new business to which we have over 16 years of experience within the commercial cleaning industry.  To add to this we have vast knowledge of the construction industry and engineering.  With all this we feel assured that that we can be of assistance to you.


ICBritedrives Pressure Washing Fire Escape-2All our pressure washing equipment is vehicle mounted which makes us self sufficient.  We carry unto 1000 litres of water so where ever we go we can carry out our work and not have to ask you the customer for assistance.  The generator and pump we carry gives us all the power we need to carry out the job.

Window Cleaning

ICBritedrives Window cleaning ScarboroughWe offer you a commercial and domestic window cleaning service using both traditional methods and also using high reach pole equipment, which again is vehicle mounted.  Again for this we are self sufficient, nothing is required from you for us to carry out our work.

Gutter Cleaning

I C Britedrives Gutter cleaning ScarboroughWe have been gutter cleaning for many years.  We have a cleaning system that can reach unto and including 40 feet.  We have a video camera that can be attached to the equipment so you the customer can view the before and after footage or it can take still photographs if you prefer.

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