When was the last time you had your gutters checked?

Commonly people can’t remember when or even if they have, so now is the time to act!  As the gutters are out of sight, we tend to forget that they are there.  We also forget that they play a huge part in the structural integrity to your property or home.  The sole job of a gutter is to allow all the rain water from the roof to fall into it and follow its path to the drain.  It is vital thta gutters are kept clear to allow free flowing water dispersal.

There are several reasons why your gutters can become blocked.  Here are just a few.  
  • Leaves, in the autumn time is prime time.
  • Wildlife, such as birds, on the coast seagulls are a cause. A creature that may die up there.
  • Moss will grow on your roof, when its dislodged there’s one place for it to fall, into your gutter.
  • Roof tiles and masonry when dislodged will definitely block your gutters

What is the solution?

At least once a year have your gutters cleaned, ideally after all the autumn leaves have fallen and before the full force of the winter starts.

Gutter Cleaning Scarborough

Here at I.C Britedrives we use a system we are able to reach 40 feet whilst our operators work safely from ground level, also at maximum pole length our machine is able to lift and hold 1.5kg which is much more weight than what you would expect to find within a gutter.

There is no need for the use of ladders for gutter cleaning Scarborough, which mean we comply within the health and safety regulations.  A CCTV camera can be mounted at the top of our vacuum system or on our inspection pole giving the perfect viewing angle for our operators enabling them to get into even the most difficult corners, or for our customers to view both before and after the job is completed.  

With the CCTV we are also able to give our customers feedback from what was found within their gutters and in every case be able to pin point issues with their ridges or tiles.  With this we also have the facility to record or take still shots for third parties, for example your landlord/insurer or for a tradesmen.

Blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your property and surrounding area if left untreated, resulting in potentially costing you large repair bills.  In addition if the water runs down your wall this could cause a build up of mould, internally.

It is advised that within the Scarborough, gutter’s are cleaned every 6 months, but closer to the town centre area they should be checked every quarter.  We offer a free service inspection service.