Decking Cleaning In Scarborough

Decking that is cleaned can transform your property

The Decking Cleaning Process

Decking Cleaning Scarborough

When to have decking cleaning

Does your decking look dirty, dull, has it lost the look that you liked and is it covered in algae?  If any of the above applies ICBritedrives provides a restoration service that fully cleans your decking followed by an oiling that will seal and preserve the timbers.

If you have algae on your decking this can quickly become a hazard.  Algae on decking will give it a slippery surface which can result in trips and falls, this can be made worse when it is wet.  Quite often the cause of algae can be plants, hanging baskets and any foliage that is around the decking.  The British weather is also big contributor.

Decking Cleaning Services

The start of your decking restoration all the debris would be swept from it.  We would then use a stiff brush to remove items stuck to it such as moss and algae.  If required a cleaning product would be applied.  This would then be given time to to take effect.  We would then use a pressure washer with a flat spray nozzle to clean the decking.  A rotating nozzle would not be used as this would damage the surface.  A gentle soft wash would be used at first, but if this is not enough we have the capability to in crease the pressure.  Start of soft and work our way up.  After it all cleaned a period of time would be required for it to dry.  

Now stand back and see the difference.

Decking Cleaning Scarborough
Decking Cleaning services

Decking Restoration

When all the unwanted items are removed and the decking has been cleaned now is the time to consider sealing the wood.  After the pressure wash and a good length of time has passed to allow it to dry is recommended that at least one coat of decking oil or equivialant is applied to the surface.  Apart from transforming the look it will give you, it also gives the wood protection from the weather elements.

ICBritedrives offers you all of these decking cleaning services.  If you feel your decking requires this kind of treatment call us for a no obligation quote.