Caravan Cleaning

A Retreat away from home

We are here to help both owners and sales teams to help bring new life or that sparkle shine to your caravan or holiday lodge.

We understand that static caravans and cabin can be left uninhabited for periods of time and that can lead to a build-up of smells and dirt which in turn, can leave unsightly marks in your caravan. Thankfully, with ICBritedrives, you’re not far away from a (caravan) cleaning expert! We are ready to get it cleaned, smelling fresh and sanitised using our 0.5 kill log cleaning agents. 
We have truck mounted facilities in place to deal with them narrow corridors, and a full inventory of commercial cleaning equipment, to ensure you get that perfect job for you, or your customer.

Exterior cleaning

  • All windows cleaned (traditional)
  • Roof Washed
  • Soft/pressure washed
  • UPVC/wooden decking cleaned

Interior standard cleaning

  • Full interior iacuumed
  • All surfaces cleaned & sanitised
  • Bathroom & kitchen cleaned & canitised
  • All windows cleaned & polished
  • Plastic cleaned

Interior deep cleaning (this includes the standard clean)

  • Fridge Cleaned & Sanitised
  • Oven Cleaned & Sanitised
  • All Carpets Shampooed
  • Re-Fresh All Fabrics

We DO NOT Pressure Wash Or Stand On Caravan Roofs